Grace Didomenico, B.A. Lab Manager - Barzilay Lab

Grace DiDomenico joined LiBI in fall of 2019 as Dr. Ran Barzilay's Lab Manager. She is responsible for coordinating Dr. Barilay's Research Study: Mechanisms of Resilience to Developmental Stress in Children and Adolescents, as well as other upcoming studies.

Grace just moved back home to Philly after working as a Lab Manager in Boston at Brandeis University. She earned her bachelor's degree in psychology at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2016.




B.A. – West Chester University of Pennsylvania – Psychology

Selected Publications


Fassett-Carman, A. N., DiDomenico, G. E., von Steiger, J., & Snyder, H. R. (2020). Clarifying stress-internalizing associations: Stress frequency and appraisals of severity and controllability are differentially related to depression-specific, anxiety-specific, and transdiagnostic internalizing factors. Journal of affective disorders260, 638-645.