Kristin Murtha, B.A. Research Coordinator

Kristin received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Virginia, where she studied the way in which increased concern for personal safety can affect cognitive function. She joined the lab in 2018 as a Clinical Research Coordinator for Dr. Satterthwaite's longitudinal neuroimaging study mapping network development underlying executive dysfunction in adolescence. She is currently Dr. Satterthwaite's senior coordinator, and oversees all of his active imaging protocols. She plans on pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology, researching the neural mechanisms that underlie symptoms of PTSD in survivors of sexual assault and gendered violence.



B.A. - University of Virginia - Psychology

Selected Publications


Jirsaraie, R. J., Kaczkurkin, A. N., Rush, S., Piiwia, K., Adebimpe, A., Bassett, D. S., Bourque, J., Calkins, M. E., Cieslak, M., Ciric, R., Cook, P. A., Davila, D., Elliott, M. A., Leibenluft, E., Murtha, K., Roalf, D. R., Rosen, A. F. G., Ruparel, K., Shinohara, R. T., … Satterthwaite, T. D. (2019). Accelerated cortical thinning within structural brain networks is associated with irritability in youth. Neuropsychopharmacology, 44(13), 2254–2262. 


Pines, A. R., Cieslak, M., Baum, G. L., Cook, P. A., Adebimpe, A., Dávila, D. G., Elliott, M. A., Jirsaraie, R., Murtha, K., Oathes, D. J., Piiwaa, K., Rosen, A. F. G., Rush, S., Shinohara, R. T., Bassett, D. S., Roalf, D. R., & Satterthwaite, T. D. (2019). Advantages of Multi-shell Diffusion Models for Studies of Brain Development in Youth (In Prep).