Megan Himes, M.S. Research Coordinator

Megan Himes received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Arcadia University in 2016. She went on to receive her Master of Science degree in Experimental Psychology at Villanova University in 2018. Then, she joined LiBI in 2019 as a Clinical Research Coordinator.

Megan is mainly involved in the Exposome, Psychopathology, and NeuroDevelopment (EXPAND) studies section of LiBI, where research focuses on environmental and genetic factors beginning during pregnancy that affect neurodevelopment in children throughout their lives.




B.A. – Arcadia University – 2016 – Psychology
M.S. – Villanova University – 2018 – Experimental Psychology

Selected Publications

  1. R. J., Gans, R. T., Himes, M. M., & Libster, N. R. (2019). Playdates: A win-win-win strategy for recruitment of infant participants. Infancy, 24(1), 110-115.
  2. Kornfield, S. L., White, L. K., Waller, R., Njoroge, W., Barzilay, R., Chaiyachati, B. H., Himes, M. M., Rodriguez, Y., Riis, V., Simonette, K., Elovitz, M. A., & Gur, R. E. (2021). Risk And Resilience Factors Influencing Postpartum Depression And Mother-Infant Bonding During COVID-19. Health affairs (Project Hope), 40(10), 1566–1574.
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