Rhonda Boyd, Ph.D. Psychologist

Dr. Boyd’s research focuses on maternal depression and the prevention of mental health problems in at-risk youth. In regards to maternal depression, she has conducted research focusing on three major lines that are interrelated: 1) developmental psychopathology research on children of depressed mothers; 2) preventive intervention development and clinical trials for depressed mothers and their families, 3) postpartum depression in low income women. Her expertise is in providing cognitive-behavioral therapy, especially with child internalizing disorders. She specializes in treatment and prevention of depression in children of depressed parents. She has implemented empirically validated cognitive behavioral depression interventions for at-risk and depressed youth.




Other Titles: 
Psychologist - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine


B.Sc. – Brown University – 1992 – Psychology
M.A. – University of Iowa – 1995 – Psychology
Ph.D. – University of Iowa – 1998 – Psychology
Postdoctoral Training – School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Selected Publications

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