Stewart Anderson, M.D. Associate Director

The focus of Dr. Anderson’s laboratory concerns the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern the development of the mammalian forebrain. His lab uses mouse genetics, forebrain slice and dissociated culture techniques, as well as mouse and human pluripotent stem cells in cell culture and transplantation experiments to study the fate determination of interneurons of the cerebral cortex. They are particularly interested in understanding the molecular underpinnings behind the fate determination of subclasses of GABAergic interneurons implicated in the neuropathology of autism and schizophrenia. In addition, they are using mouse and human stem cell-derived interneurons in animal models of cell-based therapies for seizures, psychosis, and as tools for the study of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions in neuropsychiatric disease.

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Other Titles: 
Research Director – Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Associate Director – Lifespan Brain Institute
Professor of Psychiatry - University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine


B.A. – Amherst College – 1984 – Neuroscience and Psychology
M.D. – University of Connecticut – 1989 – Medicine

Selected Publications


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