Zachary Heffernan, B.S. Research Coordinator

Zac received his B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience at Temple University, and worked in Temple University’s Cognitive Neuroscience Lab for 2 years as a research assistant. His research interests include social cognitive impairments due to aging, and the role of white matter in theory of mind.



B.S. - Temple University - 2020 - Neuroscience

Selected Publications


PUBLICATIONS ( in preparation )

  1. Heffernan Z. S. , Jobson K., Benaer S., Metoki A., Olson I. R., Role of White Matter
  2. Tracts in Theory of Mind Processing .
  3. Metoki A., Hoffman L., Heffernan Z. S. , Olson I. R., The Role of the Cerebellum in
  4. Social Cognition . Metoki A., Heffernan Z. S. , Olson I. R., Memory Replay in Older Adults .